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Salesforce: The Marketing sales Customer Tour


If sales teams remain the target core of Salesforce, marketing departments are increasingly important in the American Publisher strategy, which seeks to promote synergies between the two poles.

This approach has been the subject of several announcements in connection with the Conference of connections, held from 16 to 18 June in New York.

The Cloud Marketing offer is updated with two main features that will arrive  «in the coming months «.

The first is the travel Builder tool, designed to analyze the customer’s journey. The marketing teams will be able, from the 4th Quarter 2015, to follow the consumers regardless of their point of contact with the company: Sales, customer service, loyalty program, etc.

So Many actions that can help in the decision making… Then to customizing the interactions – Spread the right message at the right time in the straight channel – from an acquisition perspective, but also from retention and even reactivation, with events like a birthday.

The Second improvement applies to the active audience tool, built on ExactTarget’s purchase technology and launched in March to improve advertising campaigns leveraging CRM data.

The update is directed specifically at the brands that manage the operations on social networks. At the moment, a very common method is to manually download lists of email addresses on Facebook or Twitter to perform the anonymous segmentation.

An effective technique, but it could be automated. This is at least what Salesforce promises: Any updating of a list (new sales, lead acquisition) will cause the updating of social media campaigns.

The ads will appear on your mobile through the Facebook audience network, as well as in  «More than one hundred ad networks «, Krux, LiveRamp, LiveIntent, NeuStar and Viant entering the loop for the occasion.

To make this service more consistent, Salesforce integrates it directly into the travel builder. And It does not hide its ambitions to reach, throughout the year 2015, the 6.001 billion of total turnover (5.37 billion in 2014).

All at the bottom of the rumors about a redemption. It was learned at the end of May that acute discussions were likely to be made for a passage through Microsoft’s lap, but that the discrepancies had emerged on the price to be paid (Marc Benioff, Salesforce P-DG, would aim at 70 billion; Satya Nadella, its counterpart in Microsoft, would be willing to put  «only » 55 billion).

Salesforce reaches 3.001 billion in quarterly revenue

Revenue gaps are being reduced among the different business segments of Salesforce, which sign a quarter to more than 3.001 billion.

Approximately 1 200 employees for so many customers, a projected turnover of 315 million dollars in the current fiscal year… And especially a future centerpiece in the CRM experience.

Therefore, in the context of the presentation of its financial results, Salesforce has compiled the portrait of an American publisher whose acquisition was completed at the beginning of May, for almost 5 billion.

This Editor, MuleSoft, is the source of a data integration platform that allows developers to interlink between different applications in a «API-First » logic.

Salesforce does not include this activity in its accounts scheduled for fiscal year 2019, whose first quarter ended April 30.

During This period, the company led by Marc Benioff generated revenues of up to 25% per annum, at 3.007 billion.

The adoption of the subject of the accounting standard 606 leads to the emergence of a new indicator: Turnover still unaccounted for, but insured in the framework of the contracts. It Reaches 20,401,000,000 (+ 36% in one year), of which 9.6 billion will be recognized in the next 12 months (+ 26%).

As a result of an increase in R&D’s investments (+ 13%, to 424 million) and a gross margin of 74.5% (+ 1.7 points), the operating income amounted to 194 million, compared to 4 million a year earlier. The benefits of «strategic investments » result in a net income of 344 million (46 cents per share).